Free Download Navy Gunship Attack – Intense Pacific War Last Update ver 1.0 App Android

Free Download Navy Gunship Attack – Intense Pacific War Last Update ver 1.0 App Android

Navy Gunship Attack - Intense Pacific War Detail Update Information

Navy Gunship Attack - Intense Pacific War App For Android

Prepare yourself for battle againsthistory’sworst air invasion, with a continuous air attack,challenging enemyfighter planes and an unceasing shower of bulletstargeted at you,as you steer your battleship to aim your rapid-firemachine gun toshoot down and destroy the opponent’s fighteraircraft. NavyGunship Attack requires you to lead the warship fleetfrom thefront, in this pacific war, to destroy the enemy air raidand hencedefend your territories against completedestruction.

In this engaging FPS game that requires you to be at yourmostvigilant self with a keen eye for approaching danger, findyourselfimmersed in the epic, thrilling gameplay as you defend yourwarshipagainst enemy air attack, bringing down their fighter planesandproving your mettle as the best marine navy gunshipdefenseshooter! With a simple control to steer and target yourmachine gunat the opponent’s fighter jets as they come at you fromalldirections, putting forth their heaviest artillery attack todefeatyou, Navy Gunship Attack makes it your duty to protectyourbattleship and your side by launching a massive gunship attackandnot letting the enemy win this hostile pacific war! You willbeoutnumbered by their fighter planes, but with excellent navalandshooting training with commendable strategic skills, you havetoprove your worth as the best warship shooter out there!

Navy Gunship Attack gives you an exhilarating gunship shootingwarexperience with brilliant graphics, realistic sound effects andapacific war environment with an intense enemy air attack thatisbound to test your gaming skills to the limit!


> 3D fighter jet planes approaching from all directionswithheavy artillery, posing a tough challenge
>Terrific panoramic view of the enemy air attack to keep youatthe edge of your seat
> Realistic marine base battle environment that brings youcloserto a real life pacific war experience!


> Very responsive controls that make it easier toaccuratelytarget approaching jets from your navy gunship
> Waves of enemy fighter planes air attack that won’t letyoulose focus even for a bit!
> Continuous fire from your warship machine gun to depletetheenemy invasion


> 10 different levels with increasing difficulty
> Free levels! No need to unlock
> Longer air raids by the enemy in each increasing levelthatwill keep your adrenaline running

Ready? The enemy is preparing for an air attack invasion and weneedyou to get on board. So get your fighter gear on now and letthepacific war begin!

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