Free Download Deiland Tiny Planet Last Update ver  App Android

Free Download Deiland Tiny Planet Last Update ver App Android

Deiland Tiny Planet Detail Update Information

App Name Deiland Tiny Planet
Package Name com.Xiibi.Prince
Rating 8.4 ( 67222 )
Size 79.2 MB
Requirement Android 4.1+
Installs 1,000,000+

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Deiland Tiny Planet App For Android

“At the beginning, when the universe was young, four princes were sent to the minor planets. Their mission was to find the mysterious crystal that existed inside each planet. When the Crystal was found, it would wake up the ancient powers of magic, which would extend to every place in the universe, giving rise the origin of the worlds.

This is the story of Arco, the youngest of the princes who inhabited the smallest of the minor planets: Deiland, the Tiny.”

Deiland is a completely offline game, where we control the little prince Arco to develop his daily life on a very small planet and enjoy adventures.

We start from the beginning, on an empty little planet but full of surprises. The first step is to create the tools, which you work with: a hoe to till the fields, an axe for get firewood, a hammer to build and craft items, etc. Soon we discover the pleasures of life in Deiland: collect fruits, get the first harvest or watch a meteor fall.

Little by little we will be bringing a lot of objects and materials that can be combined into the workshop to get new tools, materials derivatives (such as fabric, glass bottles or forged metal), dishes or even magic potions. Our home will be transformed from a tent to a big house, capable of forging, kitchen and laboratory. How many objects will we be able to craft?

As we develop the planet, it will be more attractive for merchants, who will come to us for materials to buy or sell. Meet Brram, the chef who creates dishes of high stellar cuisine; Mûn, a brave hunter of bugs and the sorcerer Lock, a very nice old man obsessed with potions and spells.

But all is not peaceful in Deiland. Often, enemies appear to steal your booty. You’ll fight limos, giant spiders, bats, poisonous flowers, and even giant trolls. Learn magic spells to defeat them and, with the power of Crystal, keep safe the planet Deiland.

Life on the planet Deiland is wonderful. You will be in direct contact with nature:
– Develop beautiful forests of oaks, pines and wild shrubs.
– Enjoy the rainwater, which is a treasure that must be used well.
– Contemplate the passage of time, with morning, sunsets and nights in the space.
– Get good time to go fishing in the lake. You can catch large fish for your dishes and recipes.

Deiland is a great adventure game in which we should take decisions and develop the magic ecosystem of a tiny planet.

“This is a great game for survival fans who like immersive gameplay and attractive graphics!”
Geek Squad

“The best way to describe Deiland would be a blend of minor elements from Craft with a strong focus on more modern survival mechanics.”


Game Design and Development
Abraham Cozar

Characters & cover illustrations
Miriam Barea
– Minor update with some problems fixed.

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