Free Download Companion for Fortnite & Fortnite Battle Royale Last Update ver  App Android

Free Download Companion for Fortnite & Fortnite Battle Royale Last Update ver App Android

Companion for Fortnite & Fortnite Battle Royale Detail Update Information

Companion for Fortnite & Fortnite Battle Royale App For Android

This Unofficial App is a compendium ofknowledge, tips, and useful tools for Fortnite and Fortnite BattleRoyale players (available on PC, Xbox One, and Playstation4)!

Apart from several Tools such as a user Hero Database(Perks,Bonuses etc), Research Reminders, Online Mission Alerts/DailyLlama, Profile Search for both PvE and PvP Stats, user controlledCollection Book and more, it also has lots of useful Information.Most of the information is from the game itself andcommunity-driven sites, such as the Wiki and Reddit, as well asmyself. App is being developed in tandem with the community, asboth the Developer and other Fortnite community members suggestsfeatures and provides useful tips on the Reddit.

Please be aware that because the game is still in Early Access somedata may be missing or is inaccurate. This will solve itself overtime as more and more data is found by the community and added tothe App with subsequent updates!

★Features – PvP (Battle Royale)★
★Profile Search: View Battle Royale Player Stats grouped by squadtype and platform. Favorite Players for even quicker lookups.
★Leaderboards: Supports all squad types, platforms and severalmetrics.
★PvP Map: Map is Zoomable and Pannable. It includes an overlay ofpossible chest spawns and a high density grid to make it easier tocoordinate positions.
★Weapon Comparison: The stats for all the weapons in BattleRoyale
★Tips and Info: Important information and useful tips for BattleRoyale players.

★Tools – PvE (Save the World)★
★Daily Llama and Mission Alerts: Get up to date information aboutcurrent Mission Alerts and Daily Llamas on your device. (Requiresan active internet connection)
★Research Reminder: Get a notification when it’s time to collectyour Research Points! (Requires Notification Permission)
★Player Profile and Cooldowns: Get up to date information and statsfor your Player Profile including Mission Alert and Stormcooldowns. (Requires an active internet connection)
★Collection Book: Keep track of the Heroes, Traps, People andWeapons that you own or have booked making it easier for you tochoose Rewards. Includes a supporter features that can summarizeyour Book state and show only the missing items.
★Weapons Database: View info and compare stats betweenweapons.
★XP Upgrade and Retire/Reclaim Calculator, see how much XP isneeded to reach a target level or how much you will gain byReclaiming/Retiring the current level one
★Ability and Perks List is linked to applicable Heroes so you canquickly find Heroes matching your desired traits

★Data – PvE (Save the World)★
★Information on all the Hero Classes and Subclasses, along with allAbilities, Perks and Support/Tactical Bonuses
★Overview of Support and Tactical Bonuses as well as instantly viewthe corresponding Heroes
★Information on all Traps(per rarity) including stats and materialrequirements.
★List of Resources and their uses in crafting
★Information about important features and Collection BookRewards
★The latest tips from your fellow players in the community
★Tips and Information available in French
★Information about Survivors and the Survivor Squad system and howto optimize your Squad setup
★A Monster information bank that also includes images of allmonsters

If you ever encounter any problems, notice something wrong with thedata or have suggestions for features, please use the Feedbackbutton in the App, we always respond and appreciate yourinvolvement in the future of the App.

Thanks in advance from your fellow Fortnite Save the World andBattle Royale players!

This is an Unofficial Community Driven Fortnite App and hasNO affiliation with Epic Games™

Legal Notice
Epic Games, Inc. Epic, Epic Games, the Epic Games logo, Fortniteand the Fortnite logo are trademarks or registered trademarks ofEpic Games, Inc. in the United States of America and elsewhere. Allrights reserved.

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