Free Download キャラバンストーリーズ Last Update ver  App Android

Free Download キャラバンストーリーズ Last Update ver App Android

キャラバンストーリーズ Detail Update Information

キャラバンストーリーズ App For Android




Androidバージョン:6.0以上(2016年以降 発売端末)


また、メールアドレス指定受信設定をしている場合は、「[email protected]
スマートフォンを購入したままの状態では、サポートからのメールが受信できない場合がございます。 ◆ movement also combat auto possible! Full-scale RPG with simple operation
◆ existence of the animal, including a wide variety of Beast is more than 100 bodies appeared!
◆ unique characters who meet on the road
◆ try to fun adventure in the fellow a lot of character and the Beast!
◆ start six stories that differ by race!
◆ From appeared to battle to a large force of Monster game!
◆ Let’s make your own caravan!
◆ take the best party you psyched to other players!

The fantasy world 1er, are alive the life of Amata.
Those that fly in the sky, what Yuku the earth, bouncing things, those wandering.
The Mado fortress caravan as a base,
Conclusion a lot of life and ties to live in 1er,
Overlook the mystery of the world of the enemy “Enigma”.

[CARAVAN STORIES Game Description]
· Trying to adventure the world of 1er along with the caravan!
• When various places in contact with the Beast that inhabit the auto battle start!
People you can select the attack who want to enjoy a more combat, by manipulating the timing of skill trigger
Let Tachimawaro strategically!
· Fought Beast that becomes a friend too!
Sometimes evolve with their peers in the Beast grow!
Story is also a must-see with each distinctive character of the encounter on the road
Trying to fellow doing the worries and ask!

[Recommended terminal]
Android version: 6.0 or higher (sale terminals since 2016)
※ In the case of non-recommended terminal, there is a possibility that the problem that the unexpected, such as the forced termination due to lack of memory or the like occurs.
In addition, support for non-recommended terminal, compensation, etc. I can not do, please understand it beforehand.

game can not be played normally to customers
Carries out the investigation, so I would like to strive to improve the quality improvement, on your described the necessary information, please contact us than form.

It does not have to meet separately to the question of the review column.
Sorry to trouble you, but from the following “inquiry form”, please contact us.
Please check the following before you contact
E-mail from the domain of “” will ask the permission settings to be able to receive.
Also, if you have an email address specified reception setting, “[email protected]
From the mail address of “thank you permission settings so that mail can be received.
In the state of the remains buy a smart phone, there are times when an email from the support can not be received.

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