Download Track My Phone Pro Last Update ver 1.5 App Android

Download Track My Phone Pro Last Update ver 1.5 App Android

Track My Phone Pro Detail Update Information

App Name Track My Phone Pro
Package Name com.trackmyphone_pro
Version 1.5
Rating 4.2 ( 1,853 )
Size 3.9 MB
Requirement Android 2.3 and up
Updated 2017-07-01
Installs 100,000 - 500,000

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Track My Phone Pro App For Android

Track My Phone application helps you controland operate your mobile remotely either from our website or bysending SMS to your device from any other device. You can get thelocation of your mobile, make siren play loud, send a message toyour mobile, call a number, enable or disable mobile data, make itvibrate for 5 sec, and even take pic remotely and email pics toyour email ID. All this you can do even when your mobile is notwith you.

*** Kindly note that to Uninstall the app you need to deactivateadmin privileges that you have provided to the app. To do that, youneed to open the app and click on deactivate button and thenuninstall ***

All you need to do is follow these steps
1. Install the app in your mobile
2. Register by providing an email ID and PIN (no spam mailsguaranteed).
3. Log in at (tmp for Track My Phone)providing the same email ID and PIN

That’s it. Your mobile is now ready to be tracked remotely. All thefeatures are totally free for eternity.

What all things you can do remotely using this app?
1. Get Location – get location of your device even when the deviceis not with you
2. Take pic from front/back camera. The pic will be emailed to yourregistered email address.
3. Enable or disable mobile data on your device
4. Ring Loud – even when the volume of the mobile is low, a sirenwill be played with full volume
5. Show message – displays a message text composed by you on thescreen
6. Call – calls the number from the mobile
7. Get Location – gets the current location of the device anddisplays it using Google Maps
8. Lock your device. This needs admin privileges.
9. Change PIN of your device. This also needs adminprivileges.
10. Capture a 30 sec video
11. Vibrate – vibrates your device for 5 sec
12. Enable/Disable Wifi
13. Enable/Disable mobile data
14. Enable/Disable GPS
15. Send SMS from the website (which will send the SMS from yourdevice in the background)
16. Whenever failed unlock attempts are made to unlock your device,you will get a pic from the front camera to your device. Also, themobile will play loud siren upon successive failed unlock attempt(by default it is 3 successive failed attempts – can be changed inthe settings of the app)
17. Get SIM change notification SMS. You will receive a SIM changenotification SMS to a pre-configured number. So whenever a SIM ischanged, you will know the new phone number of the device so youcan get in touch with the thief instantly.

Use of Device Administrator (BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN permission)
If you enable device administrator privilege for the app, the appwill be able to perform the following functions
1. When someone tries to unlock the device and fails for 3 timesconsecutively, the app takes a picture using the front facingcamera and sends a mail to you with the pic.
2. Change PIN of the device by issuing a command remotely
3. Lock the device instantly

You can enable/disable device admin privilege for the app any timefrom within the app. The option to enable/disable device adminprivilege is provided in the main view of the app itself. As usuala notification will be displayed while doing any operation in thebackground.

Compliance with Google Policy
To be in compliance with Google Policy, we will be showingnotification in top bar whenever the app receives GCM command fromour website. No other details other than registration details andstatus and result of command execution will be sent to the website.Registration details are stored securely in server located in US.Users can unregister any time and clear the details from servereither through mobile or from website. The app cannot be used asspy app as app icon cannot be hidden and notification cannot bedisabled. Please read EULA carefully before accepting.

The permissions used are for making the above feature (apart fromads) work. Not for anything else.

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