Download Switch Color Swap 2018 Last Update ver 1.1.2 App Android

Download Switch Color Swap 2018 Last Update ver 1.1.2 App Android

Switch Color Swap 2018 Detail Update Information

App Name Switch Color Swap 2018
Package Name
Version 1.1.2
Rating 4.0 ( 75 )
Size 25.5 MB
Requirement Android 2.3 and up
Updated 2018-01-15
Installs 1,000 - 5,000
Category Casual, Games

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Switch Color Swap 2018 App For Android

Relieve your stress and download thisamazingcolor swap game with endless and infinity of game playlevels!!!The game has so many exciting switch color rounds and itall startswith just one color ball!!! The game is loved acrosscountries forits thrilling and challenging game play so downloadnow for a twistin your favourite color swap color ballgame!!!

As usual the game has multiple levels but the game is startedfromthe bottom with a color ball hanging in the air. You simply tapthecolor ball and your switch color game begins!!! This switchcolorgame requires you to concentrate a lot in order to keep yourfocuswhilst you tap and that is the whole challenge!!!

Next as you keep with the color ball tap cycle the color ballandspinning color wheel will keep switching color!!! You have tocrossyour color ball through the spinning color wheel by matchingthecolor of the color ball and the coinciding spinningcolorswap!!!
As soon as the spinning color swap takes the same color ofyourcolor ball while spinning, pass your color ball throughthespinning color swap wheel immediately!!!! Each successfulspinningcolor swap pass amounts for a winning point!! As soon astwocolors, one of the color ball and other of the spinning colorswapdon’t match the game will be over!!!

Level by level the color swap, the color ball speed and thespinningcolor wheel keep intensifying making the level of eachswitch colorgame level harder than the previous one.
Do you think you’re ready to challenge yourself? Then downloadandplay away the most thrilling switch color and color ball gamewithexciting new twists!!

¥ Start switch color game!
¥ Select minor beginner level if you’re a beginner!!
¥ Press play!!
¥ The color ball will appear at the bottom of the screen, pressthatto play!!
¥ After you tap on the color ball keep tapping it to takeitahead!!!
¥ Many spinning color screens will appear on the screen
¥ Wait till your color ball and the spinning color swap bar areofthe same color.
¥ As soon as they are of the same color pass the color ballthroughthe spinning color swap bar to reach ahead!
¥ Make sure to not tap the color ball through a different colorbarbut the matching color bar!!

¥ Multiple levels of color swatch and color swap!!
¥ Endless and infinity level of game play!!
¥ Fun and bright color ball and spinning color swap bar!!!
¥ Fun sound effects to increase the focus level of player andmakethem concentrate the game play.
¥ Intensification of spinning in switch color game perlevelDownload now for a satisfactory stress relieve gameplayphenomenon!!

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