Download MIDI Staff – Free Last Update ver 6.0 App Android

Download MIDI Staff – Free Last Update ver 6.0 App Android

MIDI Staff - Free Detail Update Information

App Name MIDI Staff - Free
Package Name comscifi2zpt.angelfire.www.notesfree
Version 6.0
Size 1.4 MB
Requirement Android Varies with device
Updated 2016-02-27
Installs 1 - 5

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MIDI Staff - Free App For Android

This is a one octave free version ofMIDIStaff. Please try it before purchasing the full version.

This app displays keys, as they are played, on a musicalstaff.It also displays the letter of the pressed key. This appisintended to provide an enjoyable way to learn how to readsheetmusic. These kinds of musical aids have been available ondesktopand laptop computers. This app runs on a tablet. Tablets sitnicelyin an instrument’s sheet holder. There are a lot of musicalappsout there but only a few that accept a live MIDI input. I playbyear and I have been looking for something like this for alongtime. The app can be set to block out octaves at the C’s.Thisprovides a feel for the keyboard and the musical staff. The appcanbe set to display flats or sharps. It also has a screensaverinhibit option. It’s zoomable. The free version does not haveanautomatic clear stuck key algorithm. Both versions do notrecordanything.

The app requires Android M (Marshmallow) or higher. Android Mwasreleased in the winter of 2015. The MIDI musical instrumentisconnected to the Android tablet with an OTG cable. Onsettablekeyboards, the MIDI channel should be set to default (0).The appis compatible with most, not all, MIDI adapters. I wouldappreciateif users would post their experience with their tablets,adapters,and keyboards. This will help to resolve compatibilityissues withfuture users, thanks. Try MIDI Staff free to see how itruns onyour instrument / system before purchasing the complete, lowcost,eight octave version.
The speed of the app depends of the response of the tablet. Itrunsbest with a fast MIDI interface and a tablet equipped with ahighspeed MIDI port. Tablets equipped with high speed MIDI portswillbe available in 2016. The app can only keep up with afewsimultaneous key presses when used with slower speed ports.Someinputs may stick when playing fast. The speed is sufficientandprovides more information than can be absorbed while learningtoread music.

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