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此应用是 的第三方 Android 客户端, 本项目已开源
Github 地址: and Kotlin 介绍 是一个工作日都会分享妹子图, 技术文章, 以及休闲视频的网站, 十分感谢 的 api

Kotlin 是一门基于 Jvm 的新语言,可以用来开发 Android 应用,由 JetBrains 开发.它比Java更简洁,在开发过程中用到委托属性, 安全类型, 扩展方法等 另外语法糖也很棒.

开发: YeungKc
项目地址: This application is third-party Android client, the project has been open
Github Address: and Kotlin Introduction sister is a working day will share diagrams, technical articles, and recreational video sites, very grateful of api

Kotlin is based Jvm a new language can be used to develop Android apps by JetBrains development. It is more concise than Java, in the development process used delegate property, security types, extension methods, etc. In addition syntactic sugar is also great.

Development: YeungKc
Project address: https: //

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