Free Download SuperBetter Last Update ver 1.1.5 App Android

Free Download SuperBetter Last Update ver 1.1.5 App Android

SuperBetter Detail Update Information

App Name SuperBetter
Package Name com.superbetter.paid
Version 1.1.5
Rating 4.3 ( 4,540 )
Size 5.5 MB
Requirement Android 4.0 and up
Updated 2017-10-20
Installs 100,000 - 500,000

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SuperBetter App For Android

Live Gamefully. Be Stronger. Proven results injust 10 minutes a day.

SuperBetter increases resilience – the ability to stay strong,motivated and optimistic even in the face of difficult obstacles.Playing SuperBetter makes you more capable of getting through anytough situation—and more likely to achieve the goals that mattermost to you.

SuperBetter was created by Jane McGonigal, a world-renowneddesigner of games to improve real lives & solve realproblems.

►► Why play SuperBetter?

SuperBetter has helped nearly half a million people so far achievepersonal growth and tackle real-life challenges. Here are reasonspeople around the world are using SuperBetter:

– To adopt a new habit, develop a talent, learn or improve a skill,strengthen a relationship, make a physical or athleticbreakthrough, complete a meaningful project, or pursue a lifelongdream.

– To beat depression, overcome anxiety, cope with chronic illnessor chronic pain, heal from physical injury, or recover frompost-traumatic stress.

– To overcome a life challenge like finding a new job, survivingdivorce, dealing with a career or school setback, or grieving theloss of a loved one.

– To help others: therapists recommend SuperBetter to theirpatients; university professors incorporate SuperBetter into theirstudent’s coursework; and HR professionals design SuperBetter intotheir employee wellness incentive programs.

►► SuperBetter is Living Gamefully

“At the heart of SUPERBETTER is a simple and potentiallytransformative idea: We can use the same psychological strengths wedisplay when we play games to confront real-life challenges,whether it’s illness, injury, or just changing our habits for thebetter.”
– Daniel H. Pink, bestselling author of Drive and A Whole NewMind

Living gamefully means bringing the same psychological strengthsyou naturally display when you play games – such as optimism,creativity, courage, and determination – to your real life. Itmeans having the courage and openness to try out differentstrategies to discover what works best. It means collaborating withallies, and building up the resilience to tackle tougher andtougher challenges with greater and greater success.

►► The Science Behind SuperBetter

Powered by the science of games, positive psychology and behaviorchange.

SuperBetter is validated in two clinical studies:

• A randomized controlled study conducted by the University ofPennsylvania found that playing SuperBetter for 30 dayssignificantly reduces symptoms of depression and anxiety, andincreases optimism, social support, and player’s belief in theirown ability to succeed and achieve their goals. They also foundthat SuperBetter users were significantly happier and moresatisfied with their lives.

• A clinical trial funded by the National Institutes of Health andconducted at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center andCincinnati Children’s Hospital found that using SuperBetterimproves mood, decreases anxiety and suffering, and strengthensfamily relationships during rehabilitation and recovery.

►► Features

• The SuperBetter app is an everyday coach for gameful living
• Identify your Epic Win and create your Secret Identity
• Recruit Allies to support your journey
• Choose pre-loaded experiences (PowerPacks) or design your ownadventures
• Complete Quests, activate PowerUps and battle Bad Guys eachday
• Track your resilience scores – mental, emotional, social &physical

Live Gamefully. Be Stronger. Get SuperBetter.

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